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Meet Michelle Conely and James Allison:  Passionate Business Owners and Community Advocates



Introducing Michelle Conely, the accomplished business partner and a past gallery owner and artist. Michelle's expertise in the art world stems from her ownership of Going Local, an esteemed art gallery that showcased the works of talented local artists in Coastal North Carolina. The gallery had two prominent locations: Front Street in downtown Wilmington and the Mayfaire shopping center. Michelle's background includes a degree from the University of NC Wilmington and a previous career as a real estate appraiser.


Michelle's multifaceted personality shines through her intelligence, wit, and a quick sense of humor. Her love for art extends beyond her professional pursuits, as she actively engages in painting, pottery, and enjoys exploring different artistic mediums. Her passion for creativity is only matched by her love for travel, having traversed various parts of the world. As a dual citizen of Belgium and the United States, Michelle's exposure to diverse cultures and her upbringing in Germany before settling in Raleigh, NC during high school, have shaped her global perspective and appreciation for different traditions.


Her extensive travel experiences and diverse background have instilled in Michelle a deep understanding and appreciation for the beauty and artistry of different cultures. This unique perspective enriches her artistic endeavors and allows her to connect with a wide range of individuals. Michelle's collaboration with James in their ventures benefits from her artistic sensibilities, her business acumen, and her ability to bring a fresh perspective to their projects.


Together, James and Michelle form a formidable team, combining James' financial expertise and experience as a business owner with Michelle's artistic flair and entrepreneurial spirit. Their shared passion for creating thriving workplaces and contributing to the community's well-being has led them to establish successful businesses in Sunset Beach. James's background in finance and his previous experience as a business owner, along with Michelle's art gallery ownership and artistic endeavors, provide them with a well-rounded skill set that drives their joint ventures forward.

As the proud owners of Rentals at Sunset, LLC and Carolina's Coastal Adventure Tours, LLC, James and Michelle play a crucial role in catering to the needs of tourists and visitors while boosting the local economy. Their commitment to the environment and community is exemplified by James's founding of the nonprofit organization Waterway Cleanup Day and Michelle's artistic contributions to the local art scene. These initiatives showcase their dedication to environmental preservation, community engagement, and making a positive impact on the lives of others.


James and Michelle's dedication to their respective communities is further reflected in their board positions. James serves on the Homeowners Board for River Creek Neighborhood, actively contributing to its betterment, while Michelle supports initiatives as a board member of I Need a Hero, a nonprofit application. Their involvement in these organizations demonstrates their genuine desire to uplift and support their community.


Driven by empathy and compassion, James and Michelle's collaborative efforts create a remarkable synergy, empowering them to make a lasting difference in Brunswick County and the lives of its residents. Their passion for business, community development, and environmental stewardship truly sets them apart, making them a force to be reckoned with in both the business world and the community at large.


This unstoppable duo are turning heads and making waves in the business world. James Allison and Michelle Conely, the power couple behind the Rentals at Sunset ventures, bring together a perfect blend of entrepreneurial acumen and artistic prowess that has taken the industry by storm.

Let's start with James. As an entrepreneur extraordinaire, James has a natural flair for business. With a background as a Financial Advisor at Hinrichs Flanagan Financial and a former owner of a medium-sized manufacturing company, his experience has honed his skills in strategic planning, financial management, and creating thriving workplaces. James's ability to navigate complex challenges and his comprehensive understanding of business operations make him a force to be reckoned with.

But it's not all spreadsheets and balance sheets for James. He's also an environmental guru with a heart of gold. The founder of Waterway Clean Up Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving our natural resources, James walks the talk when it comes to environmental sustainability. Whether he's knee-deep in marshes or organizing community clean-up events, his dedication to protecting the planet is truly awe-inspiring.

Now, let's talk about Michelle, the creative genius and art enthusiast extraordinaire. As a past gallery owner and artist, Michelle's expertise and passion for the arts are unparalleled. Having owned the esteemed Going Local art gallery, which showcased local talent in Coastal North Carolina, Michelle knows how to curate masterpieces and create spaces that ignite inspiration. Her sharp intellect and quick wit, combined with her love for art, painting, and pottery, make her a true creative force.

Michelle's journey is as diverse as her artistic pursuits. With a background in real estate appraisal and a degree from the University of NC Wilmington, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Her extensive travels and experience growing up in Germany before settling in North Carolina have shaped her into a well-rounded individual with a global mindset. Michelle's dual citizenship of Belgium and the United States adds an international touch to her approach, making her a perfect complement to James's business expertise.

Together, James and Michelle form an unstoppable team. Their synergy is palpable, as they combine their individual strengths and shared passion for making a positive impact. Their ventures, including Rentals at Sunset, LLC and Carolina's Coastal Adventure Tours, LLC, not only contribute to the local economy but also provide exceptional experiences to visitors exploring the breathtaking Carolina region.

But their impact extends far beyond business. James and Michelle are deeply involved in their community, serving on various boards and supporting initiatives close to their hearts. James's commitment to community development, exemplified through his involvement in the Homeowners Board for River Creek Neighborhood, and Michelle's dedication as a board member of I Need a Hero, a nonprofit application, showcase their genuine desire to uplift those in need and create a better future for all.

As a couple, James and Michelle's partnership is a match made in entrepreneurial heaven. Their shared values, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence make them a formidable force in business and beyond. Their ability to combine innovation, creativity, and business savvy sets them apart, creating a unique and powerful blend that resonates with clients, partners, and the community at large.

So, whether it's James's financial expertise, environmental advocacy, or Michelle's artistic flair, entrepreneurial spirit, and community engagement, this dynamic duo is redefining what it means to be business partners. Together, they are trailblazers, visionaries, and catalysts for positive change.

To learn more about our ventures and the incredible work James and Michelle are doing, visit,, and Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and join us on an extraordinary journey of success and impact!

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